Spectra Braid

In keeping with a 76 year tradition of supplying anglers with the best American Made tackle, McCoy Fishing announces significant improvements to their Super Spectra® Braided line.

Utilizing our new “Tight Weave” technology, we are able to manufacture our premium braid with more compaction of the spectra® fibers. The result is a tighter and smaller diameter line with superior strength. This process makes our lighter lines thinner and stronger, and allows our heavier lines to be produced with an increased number of smaller fibers, greatly improving overall strength and abrasion resistance.

Our new saturation process is another significant advancement that improves color retention and UV protection. Application under pressure allows 100% absorption of the color dye and UV inhibitor by the individual spectra® fibers. Along with our PSP process for reinforcement, we have virtually eliminated color bleeding and those annoying “fuzzies” on reels and rod guides.

These improvements along with McCoy’s tight quality control standards will provide anglers the optimum performance in a braided fishing line.



4LB thru 80LB available in
150,300,500, 2000 yards

• Special Order Sizes:
100lb & 130lb available in 150, 300, 600, 1200 & 2500 yards
150LB thru 200LB available in
1200 & 2500 yd’s only.