Roy Hawk Edition w/Leash


Protects, organizes, and keeps rigged rods tangle free. This innovative, economical, hassle-free on/off design protects your valued rods against damage and annoying tangled messes. Great for the co-angler! Snag resistant, light-weight, flexible, breathable and resistant to every environment, including water and mildew.

• Needle Point Nose – Easier removal and stowing in the rod locker, won’t get hung up like our competitors.

• Permanent Fluted Cone – For ease of slipping the cover on and off the rod.

• No Metal Grommet – Wont get hung up in the rod locker, avoid potentially scratching your boat or vehicle, no metal grommet also makes it easier to protect the rod tip – eliminates the possibility of the tip working its way around the grommet and snapping off.

The reel leash prevents the Rod Shield from slipping off….perfect for securing to a reel handle!

Available in 4 Styles:

1) Fits up to 7’4″
2) Extra Long Fits 7’6″ to 8′

1) Fits up to 6’6″
2) Extra Long Fits 6’8″ to 7’6″