McCoy Pro Staff

Since 1935 McCoy Fishing Line Company’s commitment to bringing all anglers the best fishing products on the market is unparalleled. In keeping with tradition, McCoy continues to provide quality and performance, unmatched in the industry. We are proud to be the first company to introduce a low-visibility green line in the world of fishing, as well as one of the founding companies in creating a state-of-the-art hybrid co-polymer line.

Every time a fisherman buys a spool of McCoy Line, we are proud to have our name associated with what we believe to be the finest premium line on the market, produced in the USA. We are equally proud of McCoy line for the thousands of calls, e-mails and letters from fishermen, thanking us for creating and making available, the best line they have ever used.

We at McCoy Fishing Line Company want to extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who supported us¬†over the years. And, we look forward to all the future fishermen who become part of “Team Mean Green”.

Pro Staff

John Galbraith Arizona

Trey Kistler Texas

Gerald Kimzey Arizona

Dennis McNabb Kentucky

Roy Hawk Utah

Richard Parker Mississippi_

Cliff Rubin Arizona

Billy Skinner Arizona

Allen Snyder North Carolina

Brad Quirin California

Billy Elbert Missouri

Brent Dodrill West Virginia

Brian McMartin Iowa

Captain Frank Risk Florida

Captain Richard Hajecki New York

Christopher Taylor Arizona

Cole Willis Ohio

Darin Bumgarner North Carolina

Darrell Shull South Carolina

Dustin Taylor Washington

Darren Gay North Carolina

Evan Miles New Jersey

Jake Haas New Jersey

Jason Stephens California

Jose Rivera Pennsylvania

Joe Evrard Wisconsin

Marc Marcantonio Washington

K. Barry Davis Ohio

Michael Morrison Kentucky

Matt Brooks Alabama

Paul Helton Arkansas

Mikie Upton Massachusettes

Peter De Munck Wisconsin

Roy Delozier Florida

Robert Bobich Illinois

Sherry DeMuth Indiana

Steven Wells Indiana

Terry Hawkins Texas

Terry Barnson Texas

Thomas Tomboli Louisiana

TC Yellowhair Arizona

Mike Bailey North Carolina

David Bulow & Julie Ziga, Channahon, IL.