As any angler, we all want to have quality, because it helps generate confidence, thus ultimately boosting potential success on the water. Having the right line is the most vital “life line” an angler has because it is literally what can make or “break” you on and off the water. I thought I found that line with Seaguar. I was using Seaguar lines for three years and didn’t have many complaints besides an occasional weak-point in the line. Not until recently did I have some serious problems with my line’s performance. I knew for sure it wasn’t because of poor maintenance or storage of the line and I made sure I wasn’t slacking on my knot tying. Seaguar wasn’t cutting it for me anymore and I decided to go on the hunt for “that line” again. That is when I came across McCoy fishing line.

I had used McCoy Mean Green in the past, and I loved it! After performing some review-research online, I made the decision to purchase a spool of 17lb test McCoy Fluoro 100 and a spool of 65lb Test McCoy Super Spectra Braid. I wanted to let you know that switching to McCoy line was absolutely the best choice I’ve made in my angling tenure. I have never fished line that performed so exceptional and consistently in my life! The fluorocarbon is impeccable and the braid is mean!!! I fish a lot of heavy cover, and whether it be timber/cypress trees or hauling in bass from the thickest slop, McCoy fishing line has given me the confidence that is imperative to being successful as an angler! I want to thank you for providing such a consistent, quality product that is indeed made in the United States of America!