Tackle Tamer recently purchased McCoy


Made in America for over 80 years! McCoy’s commitment to quality and performance is unmatched. A successful tradition and the latest manufacturing technology ensures the McCoy angler a consistent product throughout their range of premium line.

McCoy Fishing got it’s start in the Pacific Northwest in 1935, known then as McCoy Tackle Company, it was the preferred line of choice from the Oregon coast up to Alaska. McCoy was the leader of line manufacturers in introducing into the industry a silicone saturated premium co-polymer line and the first to introduce the low visible green fishing line.

Since those days McCoy Fishing has expanded distribution to cover the world, and with more research and product development plus the newest technology available, Mccoy has been able to improve on their premium co-polymer that originated so many years ago. Now a smaller, thinner line, with virtually no memory, McCoy’s Premium Co-Polymer delivers high impact toughnes, better shock resistance, and a durability that allows anglers to fish with the confidence needed to fish any species of fish or any type of structure. The popularity of the original Mean Green Premium Co-Polymer line gave McCoy the opportunity to grow that category to include Xtra Clear, Clear Blue Fluorescent and Ice Line. In addition, McCoy Fishing’s commitment to product quality didn’t stop there, as more recently it has introduced a braided line: Super Spectra Braid, a fluorocarbon: Fluoro100, and a premium catfish line: TuffCat.

McCoy Fishing also saw a need to help the angler protect his rod investment and was the original rod protector manufacturer introducing Rod Shields to the market for spinning and casting rods. We are also the first to offer a 3 pack of Rod Shields that comes packaged in a Sleeve Sack to keep your Rod Shields protected while fishing. In addition, we added the Angler’s Rod & Reel Cleaning Cloth to our rod protection category.

McCoy also proudly manufactures high quality Pyrex Glass Rattles and V-Twin Spinner Baits.

McCoy Fishing has satisfied anglers for over 80 years. If you have not heard of or used McCoy line, do something that you’ll thank yourself for everytime you go fishing. Try it. If everyone used Mccoy line it would be called catching instead of fishing.

Remember, the only thing between you and a successful catch is your fishing line. Make it McCoy. When winning is on the line, the winning line is….McCoy!